Eviction Notice

“I once had a garden
Filled with flowers
That grew only on dark

But they need constant

And one day I decided I had better things
To do.”
–  Brian Andreas


Winston Churchill once said that, “If you are going through Hell, keep going.” When we stay in our dark thoughts about past and present evils or ways you have been maligned, you end up in Hell. 

This can be the Hell of stalled progression.   You are damned – nothing going in or out.  The first steps to get through Hell, is to make sure you are not building your house on a sandy flood-plain.  Get your feet under you with support from those that can see where you are coming from and where your goals are. 

“Life is a process of becoming,
A combination of
States we have to go through.

Where people fail
Is that they wish to elect a
State and remain in it.”
   Anais Nin

 Evicting someone who has been living rent-free in your head is a fundamental principle to gaining your emotional stability.  Your thoughts of revenge, bitterness, impotence, and all those zingers you would have shot back to comments had you only thought of them during the encounter.   

To evict the squatters than have been living rent-free is to come to the understanding that the perpetrator is not your problem.  The worse thing that could ever wish on them is that they have to live with themselves.  It does not a bit of good to holler and shout about all the ways life has been unjust.  If you keep the thought of revenge or making someone ‘pay,’ you are re-living the experience over and over again in your mind.  And there isn’t anywhere you can run when it is in your own head.