The Book

The word play on the title stay ‘up’ is intentional.  It means to get you out of bed,  and/or how to stay up emotionally so you don’t feel like you have to go back down.

This is a book about integrated life-skills and an invitation to self-awareness and discovery.

See the basic book outline – the 52s

See the expanded outline – the 365s

This is more than a ‘thought -a- day’ book.  We learn to live deliberately through exploring  master themes, the 52s.  These uber-ideas are aimed at being the impetus to get you outside of your head – to get out of bed – or whatever other status is holding you static.

Each day is an examination of or different way to view this concept.  The 365s are bite-sized reasons why that 52 makes sense and how it can be applied.



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